Richard Strauss Don Quixote

Glasgow Herald 25th March 1974

Julian Lloyd Webber: Strauss Don Quixote

Srauss Don Quixote

“There was plenty to admire in the Glasgow performance. The solo, cello part was to have been played by Oliver Velia, the leader of the orchestra’s section, but because he is ill his place was taken by Julian Lloyd Webber, who although still in his early 20s already enjoys a considerable reputation.

It was easy to understand why. Nothing about his playing or interpretation suggested he began to study this work only three weeks ago. The fact that he played it from memory is not important. What impressed was his eloquence, especially in the fifth variation, depicting the Knight’s nocturnal vigil, and in the Epilogue.

Also deserving of the highest praise were the solo viola contributions of Colin Kitching. I cannot remember hearing this part, representing Sancho Panza, better played, while Alan Traverse, the orchestra’s leader, thoroughly ditinguished himself in the violin solos.”

Liverpool Post 20th March 1974

Strauss Don Quixote

Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra/Sir Charles Groves

In the absence of the unfortunately still indisposed Oliver Vella, the cello role of the romantic Knight was excellently played by the 23 year old Julian Lloyd Webber with an especially eloquent interpretation of the long vigil section.

Neil Barkla