A selection of Julian's articles:



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1998 Speech to the World Economic Forum

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Harping On


Music and Marriage

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What awaits the young?

Give the job to a pro

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Lottery recognition

Putting dough into do-re-mi

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Classical rap?

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Classical cool?

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Delius and Beecham

All composers have their off days, even Mozart

A musical virgin with a husband in the front row

Let's hear it for silence

Government changes its tune on music

China's brilliant cellists - and a classical music football quiz

Seeing red, looking blue, feeling green

Put my Strad in the hold? Never

Malcolm Arnold - my friend the musical genius

English music is crying out for a celebration

The finest acoustic in the country – and it's under threat

If you want a harmonious family life, beware of marrying a musician

Classical music could be driven out of schools

The shocking truth about sex and violas

The Hatto scandal is no human tragedy - but it might make a melodrama

'The greatest cellist of all time'

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Radio 3 is still a beacon of quality

Young Musician revamp insults artists and viewers

Stop this whingeing about 'Western Music'

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Attack on Jerusalem